What we do


Frontline Medical Training and Consulting Inc. is a Nova Scotia, Canada based business with a  focus on providing the most up to date advanced medical skills, education and simulation training as well as International Air Repatriation Services to our patients and clients.

Medical Training

Our Experienced Staff of Critical Care Paramedics, Critical Care Nurses and Emergency Room Physicians assist you in gaining valuable practical experience in simulated emergent situations.  Our relaxed atmosphere and hands on approach provides familiarity with equipment and decision making abilities that improve patient outcomes.

Training can be arranged at any facility to meet your needs.

Air Repatriation

Did you or a loved one traveling away from home and become ill or injured?

Do you require assistance in returning to your home province, state or country?

Do you need to travel a great distance for medical procedures etc? 

Inquire about our air medical escort and air medical repatriation services to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.